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NASALIN®Lam Kam Sang®

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  • Drug Registration:    HKP-00847
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Chinese Medicine Reg.No. HKP-00847

70 Capsules | Made in Hong Kong

Regularly inspected by the Hong Kong Government approved testing centres.


Lam Kam Sang ®NASALIN is manufactured in accordance with the precious prescription of Dr. Lam Kam Sang, the president of Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute. It is specially formulated for the various types of nasal allergies or rhinitis with outstanding effect. It rapidly promotes the resistance of the nasal tissues, eliminates focus in the nasal cavity such as blood stasis, store-up fluid and mucous pus, allowing the nasal organ to achieve self-repairing. The nature of Lam Kam Sang ®NASALIN is mild, gentle and without any side effect. It is suitable for patients of any ages and physique (except pregnant women).


Nowadays, the proportion of people who are suffering from nasal allergy is rising unceasingly. The major factors include air pollution of the environment; frequent and repeated flu causing congested inflammation of the mucous membrane; the weakening of body resistance causing congested oedema, stored-up of mucous pus, proliferation of the soft tissues in the nasal cavity; blocking of the respiratory tract (Pure Rhinitis and Catarrhal Rhinitis) may also initiate into serious illness such as nasosinusitis and tympanitis, tracheitis and asthma. Infection of rhinitis due to long term close contact with rhinitis patients is another cause of the disease that is known by very few people.


Flos Campsis 50mg, Flos Magnoliae 60mg, Flos Chrysanthemi Indici 50mg, Herba Patriniae 60mg, Radix Trichosanthis 50mg, Radix Astragali 40mg etc.

Every capsule of Lam Kam Sang NASALIN® contains 500 mg extract of Chinese medicine.

For symptom relief (twice daily):  

For adults:

6 capsules for weight 60 kg or under;

7-8 capsules for above 60 kg or in serious case.

For children: 1-2 capsules for weight under 10 kg;

2-3 capsules for weight within 10 kg to 20 kg;

3-4 capsules for weight within 20 kg to 30 kg;

4-5 capsules for weight with in 30 kg to 40 kg;

5-6 capsules for weight within 40 kg to 50 kg;

Health Care (once daily): Takes the same dosage as indicated in the above. 

Useful Must-Read

1. Rhinitis and its Secondary Lesions (Hypertrophic Rhinitis and Chronic Nasosinal Problem): A lot of yellow-greenish mucous pus, dry scabs and even extravasated blood will be discharged after taking NASALIN for 1-10 days. This is a usual phenomenon in clearing the focus and the accumulations. During the eliminating process, the discharge may flow back into the pharynx causing coughing which will naturally disappear after the discharge is completely eliminated. The effective rate of NASALIN is 100%. Patients are advised to take NASALIN for 30-90 days according to the seriousness and history of the cases. When the symptoms are much relieved, it is advised to take the NASALIN continuously for another 20-30 days for the consolidation of efficacy. Clinically, the satisfaction rate is over 90%. For patients with inherent cause, it is suggested to take the NASALIN in every six months period for maintaining the health of the nasal cavity.


2. Structural Rhinitis: 90% of the patients can attain obvious symptoms relief in 30-60 days of NASALIN. For patients who have serious malformation, surgery should be considered.


3. Serious proliferation of soft tissues in the nasal cavity (eg. Nasal polyp): If there is no improvement after taking NASALIN for 30 days, surgery should be considered.


4. Atrophic Rhinitis: Patient should take 2 times a day for the first 6 months and 1 time daily for the following 6 months. The effective rate for symptoms relief is over 95% and the satisfaction rate is over 70%.


5. Hay Fever: Taking NASALIN 2-3 months before the pollen season can obviously strengthen the immunity of the nasal mucosa against the allergy caused by the pollen.


6. Allergic Rhinitis (Congenital allergy to certain substances): Taking NASALIN 2 times daily for the first 30 days and 1 time daily for the following 60 days can obviously improve the immunity and the effective rate is 100%.


  7. Auxiliary Treatments:

a. Patient can take NASALIN simultaneously while using western antibiotics for the acute nasosinal problem. After the anibiotics treatment, patient is advised to take the NASALIN continuously for 30-60 days for enhancing nasal natural defence.

b. After the surgeries of nasal concha, nasal membrane, nasal polyp or paranasal sinus, taking NASALIN for 30-60 days can accelerate the recovery and reduce the chance of relapse with outstanding effect.


8.  For General Health Care:

Taking Lam Kam Sang NASALIN® regularly for 30 days every year can promote the body immunity against cold and pathogens, improves the resistance of the nasal membrane against pollution and weather changes with outstanding effect. It is especially suitable for students studying in nurseries and primary schools.

1. In order to achieve sufficient effect, please strictly follows the ADMINISTRATION instruction and take NASALIN continuously. Discontinue the medicine during cold, fever or acute enterogastritis, but the effect will be affected.


2. Avoid eating beef, chicken, crab, fishes without scale, cheese, sausages, glutinous rice, isinglass, cashew nut, pistachio nut, melon seed, peanut, mango, durian, flake pastry, chocolate, deep fried foods, nutritious Chinese herbs and Chinese patent medicines.


3. Avoid stay-up late.


4. Not suitable for females during pregnancy.


Store in a cool place & keep out of the reach of children. The product expires in 3 years.


Case 1:

Mr. Sun, 39 years old. He had been suffering from allergic rhinitis for more than 10 years. Repeated attacks usually occurred from November to March of the next year. He sneezed when he was in a dusty or air-conditioned environment; and eating fried foods, shrimp and crab would stimulate his nasal channel to sneeze repeatedly. He had severe stuffy nose at night and had difficulty in breathing. Long-term treatment with western medicine could only give temporary relief. Sneezing and stuffy nose were greatly improved after 10 days of Lam Kam Sang® Nasalin treatment and he was satisfied after 50 days course.

Case 2:

Ms. Sun, 34 years old. She had been suffering from chronic rhinitis for several years. For the past few years, she had increased suppurative nasal secretion which flowed into the throat causing pharyngitis, laryngitis and swelling pain at the sides of the nose, orbital sockets, forehead, internal ears, and tooth root areas. It was caused by severe chronic paranasalsinal problem complicated with the nearby tissues problems. Two years ago, she was prescribed 10 days of Lam Kam Sang® Nasalin, and large amounts of bloody suppurative nasal excretions were expelled on the first 7 days, and from the 8th day onward, her symptoms were gradually improved. All the symptoms and discomforts relieved after 65 days of course. She took another 15 days of Lam Kam Sang® Nasalin to consolidate the efficacy and was seen healthy during the recent follow-up.

Case 3:

Ms. Shum, 11 years old. She had been suffering from chronic rhinitis for more than 3 years which was caused by the sequelae of the flu. She received treatment in the government clinic but without any improvement. There was plenty of sticky white or yellowish nasal secretion causing chronically stuffiness. The nasal channels were swollen and clogged up completely during flu period and she had to breathe through her mouth. Congestion at nasal conchas was diagnosed. She was prescribed 20 days of Lam Kam Sang® Nasalin for the treatment. A large quantity of suppurative nasal secretion was expelled on the first few days and from the 5th day onward, the secretion gradually decreased and her respiration was greatly improved. All the symptoms relieved and the nasal concha returned to normal after 65 days of course. She was seen healthy during the recent follow-up.

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