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Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN®

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Chinese Medicine Reg.No. HKP-00857

80 Tablets | Made in Hong Kong

Regularly inspected by the Hong Kong Government approved testing centres.

Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® is manufactured in accordance with the precious prescription of Dr. Lam Kam Sang, the president of Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute Ltd. Extracted from precious Chinese herbs with advance technology, Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® is specially formulated for curing various long term and obstinate headaches. Today's medical science confirms that long term headaches such as vascular headaches with aura are caused by the dysfunction of endocrine and the vasoconstriction due to the functional imbalance in the central nervous system.

Electroencephalogram test discovers that the signs of the bioelectricity disorder and the imbalance of the positive and negative ions are equivalent to the imbalance of the yinyang and 5 elements theories in the Chinese medical science. Thousands of clinical cases demonstrate that Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® rapidly regulates the blood circulation of the whole body and promotes the physiological function, thus resolves the basic causes of various types of obstinate headaches. The effective rate is over 95% in 30-90 days of treatment with adequate health care after recovery. Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® also has excellent functions of activating the brain cells and modifying the blood vessels of the brain.

Flos Chrysanthemi 77.04mg, Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong 64.2mg,Radix Paeoniae Alba 77.04mg, Salivae Miltiorrhizae Radix 64.2mg, Margarita 12.84mg etc.

Every tablet of Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® contains 430mg extract of the above Chinese medicine.

1.Vascular types of headache with aura

2.Stress headaches (muscular type of headache)

3.Recurrent & servere headaches

4.Various habitual and obstinate headaches caused by mental strain, melancholy, anger, external head injury, family heredity, functional disorder during menstrual period, postpartum flu and other unknown causes.

 Additional Indication:

1.Seniors' mind ability drop

8 tablets each time, children can reduce the dosage according to the condition.

Twice daily for treatment, once or twice daily for health care.

To be taken with water after meals.

Useful Must-Read

1. Diagnosis and Care of Headaches (HEKLIN® is suitable for the following symptoms during outbreak and pre-outbreak periods, and both medicine courses are identical)


A. Vascular Headeaches: mostly occurs to the females, and 35% of the patients may experience aura before the outbreak of the headache, such as brilliant flickering lights, burring of vision, hallucination and allotriosmia and so on. The aura usually last for 10-20 minutes followed by pulsation and severe pain on either one side of the head, or on both sides simultaneously. The pain usually lasts for 4-18 hours or even longer. Subsequently, dull pain may occur and last for 1-2 days or more, usually accompany with nausea, vomiting, photophobia, diarrhea and feeling cold in limbs and so on. Improvement is attained in 1-5 days of course during outbreak period. The effective rate is over 95% if Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® is taken successively for 60 days with adequate health care by taking the product regularly afterward.


B. Muscular Headaches: Dissected pathology indicates that the headaches are caused by the muscular contraction of the head forming pressure on the nerves. The headaches mainly occur in the hindbrain and the temple which note dull pain and tense feeling all over the head, usually accompany with palpitation, nausea, fidgety, insomnia and fatigue and so on. Improvement is attained in 1-3 days of course during outbreak period. The effective rate is over 95% if Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® is taken successively for 30-60 days (depending on the medical history and the patient's condition) with adequate health care by taking the product regularly afterward.

C. Reccurent & Servere Headaches: It mostly occurs to the male without aura. The headache usually occurs in the midnight and outbreak into severe pain in 5-10 minutes with tortured feeling, mainly on one side of the head such as temple and eye socket, with the characteristics of reddish eyes, tearing, stuffy and running nose. The pain usually lasts for 30-60 minutes. It may outbreak several times a day or once in a few days, then stops for a few months or 1-2 years before relapse. The effective rate is over 70% if Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® is taken successively for 90 days with adequate health care by taking the product for another 90 days afterward. Mild to medium degrees of recurrence may occur to some patients. It is suggested to take the Product for another 60-90 days, and the effective rate is over 95%. Improvement is attained in 1-10 days of course during outbreak period.

D.Various types of Headache (Please refers to INDICATION): Most of the patients have headaches mainly at the temple, eye socket, between eyebrows, forehead, top of the head or injured areas, usually with characteristics of frustration, insomnia, fear of wind and so on. Some patients may have symptoms similar to vascular and reccurent servere headaches. Improvement is attained in 1-2 days of couse during outbreak period. The effective rate is over 98% if Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® is taken successively for 30-60 days with adequate health care by taking the product regularly afterward

E. For the above mentioned headaches, patients can start the course with Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® any time during or before the burst out period.

2. Further Useful Clinical Experience:


A. Headaches are usually induced by the change of weather, frustration, lack of rest, mental strain, presence at a crowded and noisy area, before and after menstruation.

B. During outbreak period, anodyne is recommended to be taken together with Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® to reduce the pain when the effectiveness of the Product is not yet developed without drug contradiction.

C. Other possible causes of disease may exist if the patients take the Product for 20 days with no obvious improvement. Clinically, the headache is usually caused by cervical degeneration with characteristics of stiffness and fatigue of the neck and shoulder muscles, feeling dizziness and imbalance, mental fatigue, especially in the afternoons when the eyes feel distending and sleepy. LAM KAM SANG® CERVILIN® is recommended to be taken together with Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN®. Improvement is attained in 10 days and over 90% of the patients can be satisfied in 60 days course.

D. Necessary Health Care for Serious Headache Patients after Recovery: Long term headaches may cause serious damages to the nerve tissues of the brain vessels. Therefore, a consistent and conscientious health care to clear the ingrained damages completely is necessary after the recovery. Pay attention to the regularity of rest and work, eliminates the spiritual disturbance, maintains an optimistic mood, reduces the working pressure; avoids alcohol, smoking, stimulants, deep fried foods and contraceptive.

3. Supplementary Guide for Seniors:

Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® has obvious functions of strengthening the awareness and the physique of the mind-power-dropping eldely. Improvement can be attained in 5-20 days and it can also be taken constantly for long term effect.


4. For General Health Care:


The prescription of Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® is natural, pure and healthy.

A. It remarkably improves the memory power, thinking power and concentration power, and is good for students and mental workers.

B. Mental fatigue can be dispelled in 30 minutes to one hour and is suitable for day-to-day busy workers and for students before and during examination periods.

C. It rapidly improves the blood circulation of the brain and the nutrition supply of the brain cells, effectively prevents seniors' mind and body movement coordination ability drop and slows down the degeneration of the eye sight.


1. Stop taking Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® temporarily when having fever, cold or acute bacterial infections.

2. Contraceptive pills may aggravate vascular headaches; females with this problem are advised to stop taking the pill during treatment period and one year after the recovery period.

3. Avoid anger, overstress and lack of sufficient rest or sleep.

4. Avoid alcohol, stimulants or Chinese medicines such as Antler, Radix Morindae Officinalis, Radix Astragali seu Hedysari, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Fructus Lycii, American Ginseng, Fish Glue and so on; eat less deep fried and barbecue foods and foods containing monosodium glutamate.

  Store in a cool place & keep out of the reach of children. The product expires in 3 years.

Case 1:


AGE: 56

PRE-TREATMENT STATUS: Frequent outbreak of vascular headaches

PRESCRIPTION: HEKLIN® 60 days and henceforward for health care

ONGOING STATUS: Satisfactory and healthy up to date

Ms Lau, general counsel, 56 years old. Her vascular headace with aura was family inherited. Her father had suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and paralysis due to serious vascular headaches and her elder brother passed away due to cerebral hemorrhage caused by the same headache as well. 13 years ago, she had frequent outbreak of headache which greatly interfered with her daily life and work. Her friend recommended Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® to her and the headache started to relieve gradually after 3 days of course. The whole course took 60 days and henceforward, she took several bottles of Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® for health caring every year. She is healthy and energetic and her satisfaction is noted to date.


Case 2:


AGE: 34

PRE-TREATMENT STATUS: Frequent recurrent and severe headache, remarkably severe when in her period

Prescription: HEKLIN® 60 days

ONGOING STATUS: Satisfactory and healthy up to date

 Ms Tsui, 34 years old. She had been suffering from recurrent severe headaches frequently since adolescent period and had to lie in bed due to severe pain in menstrual period. Six years ago, she was satisfied by taking Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® for 2 months. She offered Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® to her paralytic mother and her father with minor dementia. Last year, she sent 6 bottles of Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® to her children’s teacher in Beijing, who had vascular headaches with aura, result was satisfactory. She was very grateful to claim that Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® had performed deeds of merit for her family and friends.




Case 3:


AGE: 50

PRE-TREATMENT STATUS: Physical trauma in head, headache and dizziness


ONGOING STATUS: No relapse and healthy up to date

 Mr. Wong, Merchant, 50 years old. Several years ago, he was hit by an iron bar at the back of the head and fainted. Henceforward, he had headache and dizziness, stiffness and fatigue at the back of the neck and shoulders, as well as numbness on both hands which were hardly cured. Mr. Wong was prescribed Lam Kam Sang® HEKLIN® and Lam Kam Sang®CERVILIN® simultaneously, and he felt obvious improvement after 10 days of course. He took a total course for 30 days and recovered, but three month later, he had a relapse due to stay up late and alcoholic. He was prescribed both medicines again for another 60 days. It’s been 9 years now and no relapse is noted.

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