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MENOPLIN®Lam Kam Sang®

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Chinese Medicine Reg.No. HKP-00851

60 Capsules | Made in Hong Kong

Regularly inspected by the Hong Kong Government approved testing centres.

Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® is manufactured in accordance with the precious prescription of Dr. Lam Kam Sang, the president of Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute Ltd. Extracted from precious Chinese herbs with advance technology, Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® is formulated specially for relieving perimenopausal syndrome of the females. 45 to 55 years of age is one of the most important periods in the life of most women when they are mostly enjoyable in their pleasant family lives and fruitful success in their careers. Unfortunately, women are also vulnerable to endocrine disturbance of perimenopausal syndromes at this age group.


Twenty years of clinical trials have proven that Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® can regulate physiological function and relieve perimenopausal symptoms naturally and rapidly, and achieve a curative rate of over 95% in 30-90 days of treatment.


A large scale of human clinical trails with international standard carried out in four renowned hospitals in China have proved that the curative rate of Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® reaches 99.1% with amazing effect. In January 2005, Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® was recognized as a medicine and granted permission to be used in the hospitals all over China.

Taking Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® regularly can maintain youthful and delicate skin, make one more energetic and delay the climacteric period to 5-10 years.


Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® is good for daily health care and remedy. It has no side effect or drug dependence and is suitable for clinical use by western and herbal practitioners.

Fructus Ligustri Lucidi 58.6mg, Flos Albiziae 39.6mg, Radix Paeoniae Alba 73.3mg, Radix Polygoni Multiflori 39.6mg, Margarita 8.8mg  etc.

Every capsule of Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® contains 450 mg extract of the above Chinese medicine.


Suitable for relieving perimenopausal symptoms such as sweating, excitation, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, fatigue, palm heat, back pain, dry skin, disturbance of menstrual cycle, and vaginal dryness, etc.


TREATMENT:  4 capsules each time, 3 times a day, (or 6 capsules each time, 2 times a day). To be taken with water after or between meals.

HEALTH CARE:  For the first 30 days, 4 capsules each time, 3 times a day. Hereafter, 4 capsules each time, 2 times a day. To be taken with water after or between meals.

 Useful Must-Read 

1. It has no adverse effect on females with hypertension, high blood fat, high cholesterol or high blood sugar.

2. Clinical practitioners can judge the effectiveness of Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® by checking the symptoms and the levels of E2 and FSH of the patients.


3. Expected course of treatment: Improvement of symptoms in 10-30 days of treatment with Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN®. However, in order to achieve complete remission, therapy has to be continued for a period of 30 days for mild cases, 60 days for moderate cases, and 90-120 days for severe cases. Clinically, some patients may have mild relapse of symptoms which can be easily eradicated by re-taking Lam Kam Sang® MENOPLIN® for 15-30 days.


1. Keep a healthy life, avoid staying up late, working or mental pressures, and be optimistic.

2. Eat less oil fried, barbecued or environmental contaminated foods; avoid taking nourishing Chinese medicines.

3. Temporarily stop taking MENOPLIN® in case of cold, fever, or acute gastroenteritis.

Store in a cool place & keep out of the reach of children. The product expires in 3 years.


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