History of Lam Kam Sang and the Research Institute:


Since 1981, Lam Kam Sang and the Research Institute’s Chinese and foreign medical team, jointly started to put Lam Kam Sang family’s invaluable experience and prescription to clinical testing, systematically recording rehabilitation length, efficiency, cure rate and side effects data. According to the data, prescriptions with high efficacy are selected and modified by Lam Kam Sang to achieve the highest standard in every aspect, aimed at creating breakthrough efficacy to obstinate diseases. In 1984, series of breakthrough in the treatment were gained in different kinds of diseases with distinctive curative rate. Migraine, cervical vertebral disease, breast benign tumors, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, chronic hepatitis, tracheitis, gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, angiitis, diabetes complications, chronic prostatitis, etc., are among the diseases with predictable effectiveness and curing timetables.


Carrying the ideality of "One medicine which works wonders is one good doctor here", the Chinese medicine prescriptions are refined with modern technology and made into pills and capsules in 1986, revolutionizing the way of preparing Chinese medicine in household while benefitting patients from the distinctive efficacy of Chinese medicine. The first medicinal product- HEKLIN, a unique Chinese medicine prescription to cure the most obstinate headache in 2 months with distinctive curative effect, was launched to market in 1995 and proved a huge success. Until now, 65 products of the Lam Kam Sang series are registered in Hong Kong and every one of them has its uniqueness and outstanding treatment and health care effects. Lam Kam Sang® Product Series is the crystal of three decades’ efforts, which won the reputation and proud to today’s size of Research Institute. This motivates us to continue to dedicate effort to improve the quality of life of human beings.